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Specializing In More Than Just Beef and Pork!

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Your Trusted Minnesota Processing Facility and Retail Meat Market
Morgan’s Meat Market specializes in meat processing and award winning homemade products.

Take one step into Morgan’s Meat Market, of New Richland, Minnesota, and you will immediately be able to tell that quality runs deep in our hometown meat shop. From the cleanliness of the floors to the highly organized retail counters, from the inviting knotty pine walls to the rows of awards and certificates; for us quality is pumped into all we do and offer.

Opening operations in 1959, our meat market has undergone numerous changes including ownership, building conditions, and company name. Today the meat shop is owned and operated by Dean and Barb Morgan, who purchased the facility in 2003. Under their ownership, the locker was more appropriately named Morgan’s Meat Market and was remolded to provide a modern appearance.

While success has been a part of Morgan’s Meat Market, things haven’t always been easy. The fall of 2010 brought about horrible flooding, forcing the meat market to shut down operations for another complete plant remodel. Re-opening in December of 2010, the meat market has experienced an abundance of support from residents within New Richland and the surrounding communities. Throughout all, good or bad, Morgan’s Meat Market continues to provide the meat processing services you need, the retail meat products you want, and the courteous customer service you deserve.

Everyone at the Meat Market invites you to come in and try some of our award-winning meat products — we’re located at 202 S. Ash Avenue in New Richland, Minnesota. Contact us for more information or to place an order… 507-465-3888.

*Morgan’s Meat Market meets all regulations and compliance statues put forth by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for a custom exempt meat processing plant.

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Over 105 Awards and Recognitions

Morgan’s is no stranger to awards and recognitions, which only pushes us to produce even more great tasting meat products. We have won awards from both state and national competitions, including from the American Association of Meat Processors and American Cured Meat Competition. Our products have received recognition in a variety of categories: Summer Sausage, Jerky, Brats, Dried Beef, Ham, Bacon, Snack Sticks and Lunch Meats just to name a few. Visit the links below to learn more about our awards.

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